Management Systems

Further development of the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 international standards series in 2015 gave management systems new importance as an integral component of the organisation. First, it places more onus on management to systematically align the business model and processes with existing risks and opportunities. Second, the direct involvement of management is significant. Another aspect is the call for a KPI system that brings both quality and performance to the fore. When properly used, management systems can be an essential framework for lean, successful company processes.
We can support you in the integration and specific ongoing development of your management systems by developing and honing your standards and training your employees. Whether pre-auditing, direct certifications or the efficient setup or remodelling of management systems, we know what leads to success and will offer you customised solutions.
We provide technical expertise and support to help you sustainably optimise your supplier management system, from strategic structural issues to short-term on-site support of your suppliers in critical delivery situations. Consider us your experienced partner.