Quality Improvement

Complex, globalised value chains plus increasing product complexity and variations with ever shorter product cycles are leading to quality problems in production more and more often.
Many companies are reaching the limits of their tried and tested historical methods. Quality is often the job of individuals and only checked – at some considerable cost – at the end of the value chain by internal and external quality assurance. This is a competitive disadvantage.
Our recommendation: act, don’t react. The earlier you efficiently standardise the administrative value chain with a focus on risks and opportunities, the more reliably you will be able to generate operational quality. Therefore, a performance-oriented preventive quality management system encompassing all the relevant processes and employees is an essential contribution to the operational success of the company.
Having worked on a multitude of national and international projects, we have years of experience in the implementation of preventive, risk-based cross-site quality management systems. Essentials here include setting up forward quality planning in product management and development, not only in the product development process but also in volume production and right through to product release. The foundation for this is a quality-oriented company structure.
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