Production Strategy & Footprint

In a multinational corporate environment, a purposeful production strategy and a robust production network are key to producing all products and components effectively, efficiently and to the highest quality standards. The key success factors here are not just the question of where labour costs are the lowest, but also the bigger picture taking into account sales and procurement markets, the corresponding logistics, and risk criteria.
In many companies, the production network has evolved organically over time, which means it’s important to scrutinise the various internal and external influences involved. Equally, it’s important to address where in-house or external production best meet the corporate strategy with an optimal product portfolio and the associated logistics. The cross-plant product and component strategy itself has significant potential in terms of identifying redundancy in manufacturing and maintenance processes as well as employee qualification. Global supply chains often fail to meet the demands of a low-waste material flow and clash with production requirements.
This is an area where our expertise, gained over many years of international experience, can help you analyse and develop production strategies and implement the latest digitalisation methods.