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We are specialists in highly-efficient production and top quality value creation

In many cases, production is still the core element of manufacturing companies. The demanding challenges in this area continue to grow. Pressure from competitors, innovation and investors often requires an emphasis on optimising the conflicting priorities of time, cost and quality.

Where this is concerned, rapidly changing market and customer requirements and the increased flexibility demanded by global competition are especially important. The road to meeting these challenges is production strategy and footprint, through optimised production using lean management and digitalisation, to effective and efficient value creation in the agile production network.

As production specialists with many years of international project experience focusing on efficiency and value creation quality, we’re the ideal partner when it comes to issues around operational excellence and technological advice in the production environment. We are a member of the Horváth & Partners Group, which has around 800 employees and more than 30 years of experience as a leading management consulting firm in corporate management and performance optimisation. Our clients include COOs, production managers, plant managers, development managers, and certification and quality managers from renowned technology leaders and hidden champions.