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We are specialists for highly efficient production and highest value added quality

In many cases, production still forms the core of manufacturing companies. The challenges they face are very high and continue to increase. Competitive, innovation and investor pressure often require the optimisation of the tension between the target dimensions of time, costs and quality.
Particular attention must be paid to increased flexibility requirements due to global competition and rapidly changing market and customer requirements. The path there leads from the production strategy and production footprint via optimised production, including lean and digitalisation options, to effective and efficient value creation in an agile production network.

As production specialists with many years of international project experience and a focus on efficiency and value-added quality, we are your partner in all questions of operational excellence and technology-related consulting in the production environment. We are part of the Horváth & Partners Group, a leading management consultancy with approx. 800 employees that has been active for more than 30 years in the field of corporate management and performance optimisation. Our clients are COOs, production managers, plant managers, development managers, certification officers and quality managers of well-known technology leaders and hidden champions.

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